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Detective agency of Kiev "FILIN"

Detective Agency of Kiev "FILIN" is a close-knit, friendly team consisting of qualified reserve officers who have gained tremendous practical experience while serving in the state structures of Ukraine.

With over 30+ years of experience in this service area, we are experts in helping our clients find effective solutions to their problems.

Regardless of your circumstances, we are here to understand your situation and offer a effective way to solve an existing problem.

Having extensive practical experience in investigations, we can discuss your issue with you in complete confidentiality, as well as analyze possible ways to achieve a positive result.

Discussing your issue with a private detective may be sufficient for you to resolve the current situation yourself, and if this happens, then everything is in order, we will be glad that we helped you.

Our approach is to find the most affordable way to offer the best service to the client

6 most requested detective services:

How agency detectives can help you

The agency's private detectives really have a lot of practice and during our investigations they have faced a lot of different situations.

We understand that your problems are real and each situation is unique. Based on this, we really look at each situation individually: we find compelling facts, collect the necessary information, look for evidence and find effective ways to achieve the end goal that work for you.

This approach allows us to get good results. It's not always good news (we have such a job), but it will help you move forward.

Ukrainian detective agency "FILIN" provides a fairly wide range of both discrete and complex services, such as:

  • collection of various information;
  • search for evidence;
  • identification of the owner of the property;
  • search for people or contact information;
  • analytical analysis of facts;
  • Identification of identity;
  • obtaining evidence through surveillance;
  • collecting facts about a person from the Internet.

We conduct fast, thorough investigations both in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine, which give effective and undeniable results.

Our agency will be glad to any order, regardless of whether you need to carry out an online dating investigation or you are just looking for contacts of your relative in Ukraine, with whom contact has been lost.

Use our professional experience to effectively solve your problems!

Why choose our agency

detective confidentiality

Guaranteed absolute confidentiality, starting from the moment of consultation with a private detective.

quick investigations

Quick start of the investigation. Collecting the necessary information and searching for evidence in a short time.

agency strategy

Development of the optimal way to achieve the desired goal. Performing both discrete and complex tasks.

individual approach

Individual approach to each client. We do not use template schemes in practice and do not offer our clients what they do not need.

investigation report

We provide a report on the investigation, including a logical analysis of the specified data.

professional detectives

A professional team of detectives in the field of surveillance, search and analysis.

detective analysis

Reliable information from competent sources. Analytical analysis of all information obtained by detectives.

agency price

Competitive prices. It is possible to organize the work of the agency taking into account your budget.

Our guarantees:

We know from practical experience that for many clients seeking the help of a detective agency can be quite a nerve-wracking event that is associated with two things such as:

It is quite obvious that the guarantees written by us are probably just text on the website for you.
However, we assure you that our private detectives are good-natured, decent, discreet persons who have vast professional experience and psychological training.

We are always ready to listen carefully to you to make sure that we correctly and fully understand your situation. Only after that, we will offer possible practical ways to solve your problem.

Our task is to answer your questions. In some cases, the advice of our detectives can help resolve your issue for free, and we will be happy if this happens in your case.

Agency detectives will not mislead you about the prospects of achieving your task if it is impossible to do so.

It is up to you to decide whether you use our service

Privacy Guarantees & Payments:

We guarantee you absolute privacy, both your contact with us and any investigations conducted by our detective agency.

In most cases, our detective agency uses prepayment for their services. This is due to both the specifics of the work of the detective agency, and the data that private detectives give to clients. If you use our service not for the first time, you can pay upon completion of work, without prepayment.

Alternatively, the agency is ready to offer you a phased payment. If at the end of our investigation (or for other reasons) we have any money left over from you, we will refund that money.

Private detective Kyiv

Ukrainian private detective agency "FILIN" is geographically located in the city of Kyiv. Private detectives in Kyiv carry out their activities throughout Ukraine.

Our detective agency provides a wide range of services. As a rule, these are various activities related to the search for information, people or property, the organization of covert surveillance, the provision of photo and video evidence, information and analytical activities, verification of various kinds of data, and the organization of counter-surveillance.

Kiev detective agency "FILIN" is actively cooperating with colleagues from other countries, which in turn contributes to solving problems of various kinds.

If you need to hire a private detective in Kyiv or Ukraine, and you don't know where to turn - welcome!

Believe us, we use all our skills and abilities in conjunction with the means available to us, in order for you to get the desired result from contacting our detective agency.

Private detectives of Kiev work around the clock, seven days a week, without weekends and holidays. You can get a free consultation regarding the cost and possible ways to solve the problem that has arisen, using the contact number, e-mail, instant messengers, feedback form.

We will be happy to provide effective assistance in resolving your issue


Reviews about the detective agency

Steve I met a Ukrainian woman on a dating site. In the process of communicating with her, some things seemed suspicious to me. As a result of the investigation, the detectives found out that this woman is a fraudster. Thank you, this saved my money and nerves.
Dmitry My wife periodically goes to Kiev for seminars. I had some doubts, and I turned to the detective agency. As a result, I got the opportunity to receive information about my wife in real time with photos. A little expensive for me, but I did get answers to my questions.
Julia I needed to find a person by phone number. Good work detectives. Positive result. I wrote a review about the detective agency, as promised. Good luck in your work.
Valentina I turned to the detective agency "Filin" about the confirmation of the fact of adultery. I was sure my husband had a mistress, but my husband kept saying I was paranoid and he didn 't have anyone. Detectives provided me photos. I was right. Thanks for the psychological support.
Angelica I needed to find out the new job of the former spouse, plus his official income. I received answers within two days. Thanks to Vladimir, for the consultation on resolving my issue.
Olga My mother lost contact with her school friend. Mom’s school friend has been living in Ukraine for the past fifty years. As it turns out, her phone was stolen, and she couldn 't remember my mother 's phone number. Thanks to agency staff, friends are in touch again.
Svetlana Thank you for providing information about the owner of the apartment. The information was received quickly and in full. It helped a lot to solve my situation.
Tatiana My husband began to travel frequently on business trips around Ukraine, and it seemed to me that he had someone. With each trip of the spouse this thought more and more did not give me peace. I decided, although not immediately, to contact a detective agency. Turns out, that the husband really has a lot of work, and there is no woman in another city. Thank you, I have become much calmer.
John I needed to find the phone number of a girl from Kiev. We met on the Internet, we have been texting for several months. I am now in Kiev at work, and I wanted to make a surprise. Thank you for your help, everything worked out.
Anonymous Thanks for the quick and professional work, you helped a lot in solving my piquant question. Thanks for the advice, put on the car a second GPS tracker. Good luck in your work.
Robert I correspond with a girl from Kiev and wanted to send her a birthday present. I had some useful information about her and needed an address for the parcel. I got the address of the girl in a few hours, thank you.
Sergey I asked the investigators for help looking for the owner of the car. The data on the owner of the car was found quickly. Separate thanks to Vladimir for the detailed consultation regarding the resolution of my question.


Private detective Kyiv

Are you planning to hire a private detective in Kyiv?

Our detective agency offers a wide range of discrete and comprehensive detective services, which are carried out in complete confidentiality.

Just contact us, we are very discreet and friendly.

Our free consultation does not obligate you to anything.

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