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How much does it cost to hire a detective?

This is a standard question that we are constantly asked when contacting a detective agency.
The bottom line is that this question:- "How much will it cost me to hire a private detective in Kyiv?" cannot be answered definitively. For a correct answer, we first need to understand what exactly the client expects to receive from us and what part of the resources will be involved for this.

Our agency offers very competitive prices for detective services.

The average cost of hiring a private detective is $30-50 per hour

We guarantee that whether you hire us or just contact the agency for a free consultation, you will receive the best quality of service that we can offer at an affordable price.

While hiring a private detective can be a frightening event, and the prices can seem high, a quality investigation can successfully answer your questions. The peace of mind and uncovering the truth is often worth it to hire a professional private detective.

Fixed and hourly pay for a private detective

Depending on the nature of the upcoming investigation and the ultimate goal of the client, there are three types of payment for the services we provide - hourly, fixed and combined.

The hourly payment option is usually used when it is necessary to obtain information through surveillance.

The cost of one hour of surveillance depends on the total number of hours of surveillance, the amount of resources involved and the presence of possible additional costs.

On average, the cost of hiring a surveillance group is $30-45 per hour.

A typical group consists of four detectives and two cars. Depending on the complexity of the task, this composition can be reduced or increased.

A fixed payment option is used when searching, collecting or checking various kinds of information. For example, background checks, searching for a person's contact information, identifying a person from a dating site, and so on.

In this case, the cost of hiring a private detective does not change and does not depend on the amount of time that the detective spends working on the case.
In the process of communicating, the detective will give you the exact amount of the costs of the upcoming investigation.

The cost of completing such tasks starts at $50

If you have a multi-step task, we will discuss each step and its cost in detail with you.

Combined - includes both previous options. For example, you need to check the biographical data of the owner of a profile from a dating site, plus you want to know what this person does in their free time.

In any case, the cost of hiring a private detective will be agreed with you before the start of resolving your issue and will remain unchanged until the completion of the agreed tasks

We are completely transparent with our fees, without any hidden extras

What factors influence the cost?

Detective services are a very specific product. The final cost is always individual and depends on the goals of the client and factors such as:

Not the least role in the formation of the cost of services of the detective agency plays the professional experience of its detectives.
Detectives with many years of practical experience are able to work faster and more efficiently. They have a wider range of different «necessary connections» and thus, they can use a much larger resource than novice detectives.

Our practical skills and knowledge, combined with many years of experience, practically guarantee a positive solution to various situations within a short period of time.

Do you want to know how much it costs to hire a private detective in Kyiv? - take advantage of our free consultation!

In the course of communication with you, we will suggest possible ways to solve your problem, as well as indicate the time frame and cost of performing the tasks ahead.

Payment Methods

how much does it cost to hire a detective

Due to the specificity of the services we provide, we charge in advance for most of them. The amount of the advance payment for each case is negotiated separately.

We understand that this is a certain inconvenience and in some cases we are ready to offer you a phased or partial prepayment.
The scheme of cooperation with payment upon completion of work (without prepayment), is possible only with regular customers.

Prepayment is taken by us only in case of full confidence in the positive resolution of your issue.

At the moment, it is possible to pay for the work of our detectives in the following ways:

It is possible to pay for some of our services through the electronic payment system PayPal.

Refund to the client

In practice, various things happen that cannot be known or foreseen in advance.

One option: The customer paid for the cost of five days of surveillance in order to find out more information about the girl they met on a dating site (how does she spend her free time, does she have a boyfriend, and so on). However, for three days we recorded a sufficient number of facts, based on which there was no sense in further observation. The money for the remaining two days of observation was returned to the customer.

There are also situations when only during the investigation it becomes known that it is impossible to solve this problem completely.

If for any reason we have your unused money, we will refund it

Regarding pay by result

The detective agency does not undertake to solve problems, the payment of which depends on obtaining a specific result (working for a result without paying expenses).

One of the options: The client agrees to pay for the work of the surveillance group only if during this observation some specific event will occur, which will be recorded by the detectives.

Please be assured, we truthfully and reliably display and document the facts that took place during the surveillance. However, we have no influence on the ongoing events and cannot guarantee or promise the customer a specific result in the process of this activities.

In this situation, the customer pays the cost of pre-arranged observation hours, and the agency's detectives work them out.

Find out how much it costs to hire a private detective in Kyiv right now!


Private detective Kyiv

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