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Investigation of marital infidelity by private detectives

investigation of infidelity

Suspicion of infidelity may in some cases be regarded as a paranoia or an unfounded conclusion.
However, based on practice, in most cases there are grounds for reasonable suspicion and questions that need to be answered.

Do you suspect your partner of infidelity?
Our private detectives will offer possible ways to obtain factual evidence that will allow you to find out the truth.

We often solve problems related to the disclosure and fixation of the facts of marital infidelity, and we have sufficient practical experience to successfully resolve such delicate cases.

Please be assured that your romantic partner will not be aware of our investigation.

For many people, conjectures and assumptions about the infidelity of a husband or wife can cause deep emotional experiences and nervous breakdowns. One way to deal with this situation is to obtain evidence that confirms or refutes these assumptions.

Find out the truth thanks to our factual evidence!

Investigating partner cheating can help you shed light on your situation, gain control of it, and make the necessary and informed decisions before it affects other aspects of your life.

Surveillance as a way to obtain facts of infidelity

The most effective way to obtain indisputable evidence of marital infidelity is surveillance. Surveillance of a wife or husband is a source of this kind of reliable information about a person, such as:

During surveillance of a spouse, detectives make photographic documentation of all events that occur during the observation.

Upon completion of the surveillance, we will provide you with a report with photographic materials on the activities of the wife or husband suspected of infidelity during the observation period.

If necessary, we will provide data on the lover or mistress with whom the person under investigation has an affair.

The information obtained during the observation will help you make the right decision regarding the presence or absence of both passion on the side and the fact of marital infidelity.

Each such case is considered by us with the utmost confidentiality and discretion.

The subject of the investigation will not know about your intentions or suspicions until you are ready to present irrefutable evidence of infidelity to the unfaithful partner.

Confirm your intuition with undeniable facts!

Our guarantees

When contacting our detective agency, you can always count on:

Key sign of infidelity

There are many sites on the Internet that describe a huge number of signs of infidelity of a romantic partner.

Indeed, frequent business trips, delays at work, changes in the usual daily routine, changes in the tastes and appearance of your romantic partner, and so on can be a cause for concern.

These are all indirect signs, and the presence of several of them at once in a wife or husband absolutely does not at all indicate the fact of marital infidelity, or "passion on the side." Moreover, almost all of them a smart person is able to explain harmless flirting.

Based on many years of practice, we can say that the key sign that your partner is unfaithful and there is infidelity is your own intuition.

By the way, men's intuition in this direction works no worse than women's.

Listen to your intuition - it rarely fails!

If you want to catch a cheating husband or wife, plus get hard evidence to back up your intuition, then why not hire a private detective to investigate the cheating partner?

We do all this at a very reasonable price, aiming to make our service accessible to everyone.


Pay attention to the following things.
Private detectives of the Filin detective agency, when revealing facts of infidelity, do not carry out actions related to:


Private detective Kyiv

Are you planning to hire a private detective in Kyiv?

Our detective agency offers a wide range of discrete and comprehensive detective services, which are carried out in complete confidentiality.

Just contact us, we are very discreet and friendly.

Our free consultation does not obligate you to anything.

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