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Checking a person from Ukraine on a dating site

investigation of online dating Ukraine

There are quite a lot of different resources on the Internet that are associated with the virtual acquaintance of people. A huge number of people around the world can choose their interlocutor or find a future romantic partner.

At the same time, scammers who work in the field of online dating are actively looking for their victims on these social platforms. Fraud on dating sites is quite common not only in Ukraine. This category of deception of people occupies a leading position in many countries of the world.

We have developed our own methods for checking people from Ukraine on dating sites, which show excellent results, and also allow you to get various specific information.

Our detective agency offers both discrete and deep, comprehensive checks of a person from Ukraine on a dating site.

Our private detectives not only have many years of practical experience, but also sufficient resources to perform such a check.

Find out how truthful your romantic partner is!

What facts can we check and find out?

Usually, we offer our clients three main directions for checking a Ukrainian woman from a dating site (similarly for male profiles)

First way - identification of a person from a dating site, including verification of such facts as:

  • full name of the account holder;
  • date of birth;
  • official place of registration;
  • photo matching study.

Second way – conducting an in-depth check and identifying facts such as:

  • marital status (marriage history);
  • problems with the police, having a criminal record;
  • officially registered property;
  • mobile phone number(s);
  • official income;
  • officially registered place of work;
  • having other accounts on dating sites;
  • search and analysis of profiles in social networks;
  • search for any traces on the Internet;
  • close circle of relatives.

The list is not exhaustive. The most common customer requests are listed here.

Third way – obtaining information about a person from a dating site using surveillance.
Surveillance allows you to get various information that is not in the databases:

  • does your chosen one have a relationship on the side;
  • circle of contacts of a potential partner;
  • the existence of an unofficial source of income;
  • having bad habits;
  • contacts with other persons and their nature;
  • daily routine, places of stay;
  • photos of a person from real life, not from a photo salon;
  • other facts that interest the client.

Such a separation of the ways of verifying the identity of the owner of the profile on a dating site is rather conditional. Of course, you can choose any items in any order, or a combination of them.

We can always offer more than what is written here.

We understand the delicacy of solving such problems.

Please be assured that your romantic partner will not know anything about your contact with the detective agency, nor about the background checks we perform.

Discretion and prudence are the basis of any of our checks

Cost & Time Frame

Standard check of personal data indicated by a Ukrainian woman or man on a dating site takes from 2 hours to 2 business days.

The cost of such identification: from $100 to $150

In-depth check of a person from a dating site, including the search and analysis of additional facts, the study of activity in social networks and other Internet resources, as well as obtaining information about a person from official sources and databases, takes from 3 to 5 working days.

The cost of an in-depth personality analysis: calculated individually (from practice, the average price of a background check of a Ukrainian woman from a dating site (or a man) is in the range of $200 - $400)

Surveillance of a Romantic Partner - The timing of obtaining information related to the use of surveillance depends on the ultimate goals and is negotiated during your consultation with the detective.

Average cost of one hour of surveillance: $30 - $40

After a preliminary consultation and study of the facts, our private detectives will offer you the most optimal and cost-effective way.

It is possible to develop an investigation scheme taking into account your budget.

After the completion of the in-depth check or surveillance, we provide you with an analytical report with photographic materials.

The price of hiring a private detective to check a person from a dating site is much less than the money that you can lose by becoming a victim of scammers.

Protect yourself from mental trauma and lost money!

Why is it necessary to check a person from a dating site?

Identity check from Ukraine on a dating site

Initially, we do not see a real interlocutor and rely only on the information that it left about himself on a dating site.
But how true and authentic is this information?

Some online dating sites and applications offer several simple identity checks, but none of them perform exhaustive checks that allow them to identify potential scammers.

Authentication steps on dating sites are easy to bypass in various ways, moreover, such verification is not able to determine the intentions and ultimate goals of the individual.

Checking a person from a dating site is also necessary in order to find out the true intentions of the account owner.

Do not forget that the owners of dating sites and essentially similar online applications are interested in making a profit, and not your happy choice.

Just because you have someone's name, a few model photos, part of a biography, and romantic correspondence doesn't mean they should be trusted.

Scammers on dating sites

Do not underestimate the ability of scammers on dating sites. Professional swindlers are excellent psychologists and masters of deception.They will tell you what you want to hear and manipulate your feelings.

The purpose of these scammers is quite simple - to take your money or gain access to your personal data.

Moreover, they will make it so that you yourself will offer them your financial assistance to pay for their flight, treatment and medical tests, repayment of a loan or other debt, and so on.

Our in-depth check of a person from a dating site can uncover red flags before you become emotionally involved with your romantic partner.

One of the main signs of a scam – Your interlocutor in the course of communication directly or indirectly begins to touch on the topic of finance and directly or through hints asks you for financial assistance.

Another significant sign – Your interlocutor asks you to transfer communication from the dating site platform to a private channel.

Do not transfer your money to strangers, you will not be able to return it later!

Why don't you contact our detectives right now and get a detailed consultation regarding the verification of a Ukrainian woman (man) you met in the virtual world.


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