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Background check of hired personnel

personnel background checks

Screening of candidates at the time of hiring is necessary to confirm the authenticity of biographical data provided by the candidate in resume, as well as to identify hidden shortcomings and potential risks associated with the employment of a new employee.

According to publicly available statistical studies, most job applicants resort to embellishing their achievements or providing false facts to the employer on their resume, which can lead to serious problems in the future.

Pre-employment screening is designed to save the company from the hassle of hiring unsuitable candidates, as well as help preserve the company's reputation, avoid leakage of sensitive information, and prevent theft in the enterprise.

Our detective agency offers a comprehensive background check service for potential employees or household staff.

What can our screening of a prospective candidate reveal?

Private detectives have ample opportunities to obtain reliable facts about the candidate, including the full name of the candidate in question, date of birth, employment history, place of residence, marital status, criminal and financial history, and more.

During a hidden check, our detectives will find out:

An analysis of registered movable and immovable property can reflect the current financial viability of the prospective candidate.

The purpose of this background check is to identify potential threats to your business or your personal information.

Ways to check future and current employees

To verify a person's background, private detectives use a variety of methods and resources.

For example, private detective agencies can:

Our detectives will conduct surveillance of the person in order to verify the facts indicated in the questionnaire and collect additional information that is not available in any sources.

In addition, agency detectives can find facts about key moments in the life of a future candidate for a vacancy that are of interest to the employer.

If you suspect an employee of stealing, sharing business information with your competitors, or using company resources for personal gain, we are prepared to put the employee under surveillance to document your allegations.

Last thought

Most large enterprises have their own security service, which deals with similar issues.
However, the services of a detective agency will prove to be very useful if you need the help of an independent third party for any reason, or in cases where domestic staff is hired.

We will be especially helpful when you need the help of a disinterested party, both in selecting employees to hire and in checking current personnel.

We are always ready to provide assistance in obtaining the necessary information about candidates and collecting the necessary evidence.
Проведение проверки кандидатов на работу позволяет избежать негативных последствий в будущем и сохранить репутацию компании.


Private detective Kyiv

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