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Covert surveillance services

covert surveillance of a person

Covert surveillance of a person is one of the best ways to obtain the necessary evidence, as well as to collect comprehensive, unofficial information about the person you are interested in.

In some cases, intelligent covert surveillance may be the only possible way to get the reliable information you need to know.

There are categories of things that cannot be learned from any databases, such as unofficial income, circle of contacts, extramarital affairs, current location, etc.

Physical surveillance allows you to track and control the person you are interested in in real time and become indisputable evidence of someone's activities.

Detective agency «FILIN» offers professional surveillance services throughout Ukraine to find the evidence, information and photographic facts necessary for you.

Our employees have more than 30 years of experience in organizing and working in all types of surveillance, and also have sufficient technical and professional level to successfully solve problems of any complexity.

We will help you find the answers you need and get the hard facts!

The cost of surveillance services

Our detective agency offers very competitive prices in the field of organizing and conducting covert surveillance. We generally charge an hourly fee for providing this service.

The average cost of one hour of surveillance is $30-$40
The minimum possible order is 2 hours.

The price depends on the amount of resource involved and the complexity of the observation.

For example: option one - the object of observation lives in an ordinary house and uses public transport; option two - the object lives in a guarded residential complex with several exits and has a fairly fast car.

We are always ready to offer a discount for a large amount of work, as well as for regular customers (below the specified price range).

Having extensive practical experience, we will develop and offer you an effective surveillance option, taking into account your budget, if necessary.

If the surveillance process includes buying a train or plane tickets, paying for expensive restaurants, renting hotel rooms, and other travel expenses, these costs will be included in the total bill.

You will always be aware of such costs in advance and we will never put you in front of the fact of paying any additional bill.

We offer professional surveillance services at an affordable price!

Hire a private detective for surveillance

hire a detective for surveillance

The specifics of surveillance is that it allows you to obtain reliable information about a person who is in normal living conditions and, accordingly, behaves at ease and naturally.

If you suspect that your partner is cheating; you have problems with employees or business partners; you want to investigate fraudulent activity - hire a private detective for surveillance.

Hiring a private detective to observe a person will help you collect the necessary evidence and shed light on things that cannot be found out using official sources and databases.
In particular, this will allow:

  • get proof for an accusation of marital infidelity;
  • learn more about a romantic partner;
  • record the contacts of an individual with third parties;
  • obtain an analysis of the nature of behavior in contact with third parties;
  • collect photographic and video evidence;
  • uncover fraud in online dating;
  • know the current location of the observed person;
  • identify sources of informal income;
  • confirm or deny the existence of surveillance on you;
  • find out the social circle of the teenager.

The list lists only some of the most frequently pursued objectives.

We understand that hiring a private detective for surveillance is not always an easy step, which can seem like a rather nerve-wracking event. We assure you that our employees are discreet, friendly and will treat your situation with understanding.

We provide an observation report

We provide an analytical report on all key events that occurred during the observation with reference to time and photographic confirmation.

If necessary, online transfer of data about the current situation to the client is possible.

The report based on documented facts about the actions of a romantic partner, family member, business partner, employee will become indisputable evidence when it is most needed.

Many of life's problems have a simple solution based on the cunning of gathering information and competent subsequent analysis. Hiring a private detective for surveillance can give you the peace of mind you deserve.

We use all the resources available to us to keep you up to date with current events.

A professional surveillance team is a guarantee of your privacy.

Our surveillance team consists of detectives who are trained to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time. These are specially trained people who are able to blend into any community or surrounding area to record contacts and movement of the controlled object with the highest possible degree of professionalism and discretion.

The detective agency has sufficient resources to maintain a reserve of secrecy and conduct surveillance for an arbitrarily long time.

The standard observation team includes two vehicles and four detectives. This organizational approach serves the following purposes:

Depending on the category of the problem being solved, the composition of the surveillance group can be increased or decreased.

Our proven team of highly qualified specialists consists of reserve officers and has extensive experience in various difficult situations. By hiring experienced specialists to spy on a person, you will undoubtedly receive the highest quality services from a team of professionals.

Please be assured that confidentiality and discretion are at the heart of all our actions and projects.

The observed person will not know anything about such an observation until you yourself say so.

The detective agency also does not share any data with third parties.

Gathering and searching for evidence through surveillance to clarify family, business or other situations gives you the opportunity to document the rightness, and not rely on suspicion and guess.

Is it possible to pay for surveillance depending on the result?

We draw your attention to the next point.
For obvious reasons, it is impossible to give a guarantee that in the process of observation some specific event will occur or the observed person will perform some certain action.

Detectives truthfully and reliably reflect those actions and things that happened during the period of surveillance.

However, the detectives do not affect the course of events in any way. They only observe and document them, after which they transfer them to the client.

We do not charge for any specific result and do not work for the result.

We charge for the number of hours of observation and follow the target and the location where the client has instructed us to be.

For example, you suspect your spouse of marital infidelity and took 8 hours of surveillance with the certainty that during this time the intended contact will occur.

However, the expected meeting of your spouse with his mistress did not happen. In this case, the detectives will still take payment for all 8 hours of surveillance, since the implementation of this action does not depend on them.

In other words, you pay for a certain number of hours of surveillance on a person, and the detectives of our agency work them out.

If you are interested in discussing the effectiveness of the use of surveillance with our specialists, we invite you to contact us and discuss this within the framework of a confidential and detailed consultation.

Private detectives of the detective agency «Filin» do not penetrate into hotel rooms, cottages, apartments, saunas and do not shoot sex scenes, and do not spy on government employees.

The detective agency «Filin» has the right to refuse the client in cases where the ultimate goals of the upcoming observation are not clear to us or are very vague.


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