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collection of photographic evidence by a detective

Do you have a certain suspicion that something is going wrong, but there is no hard evidence?
Perhaps you just want to keep up to date and have up-to-date information regarding things that interest you.

The best option for obtaining photographic and other evidence is to hire professional detectives in the field of surveillance and collection of documentary facts.

Our private detectives will quietly and discreetly collect the photographic evidence and other reasoned facts you need.

In addition to getting real-time photographic facts, we can analyze a person's social networks (including friends) to find photos that relate to a certain period of time or are associated with specific people.

The series of photographs is a documentary and indisputable evidence of both the moments that happened and the actions committed by the person you are interested in.

Find out what is really going on with the help of irrefutable evidence!

Sources of necessary facts

Most often, the source of evidence is a photo or video recording, showing the actions, contacts and nature of the person's behavior in the period of time set by the client.

However, the required evidence may be photos and video materials found by our detectives on the Internet on sites related to online dating, employment, the provision of erotic services, as well as collected from social networks and other sources of photo and video materials.

What can photographic evidence decide?

As a rule, the main goal is to investigate the alleged activity taking place at the moment and is to collect objective first-hand evidence.

In some cases, it is possible to document events that took place in the recent past (contacts of the person you are interested in with other people; location of the person at a certain point in time).

The photographic facts we have collected can shed light on a number of both personal:

and corporate problems:

The points above are the most common.
In practice, the use of photographic evidence is much wider (for example, when checking the background of a new employee or romantic partner).

Whatever the reason for hiring a private detective (or a group of detectives), you hire us for our ability to collect and provide you with undeniable evidence that will allow you to find out the true state of affairs and help you take the necessary steps to resolve the situation.

You will be amazed by the photographs and evidence that we collect discreetly

Reasonable expectation of confidentiality

We understand how important privacy is to you.

Before starting any task, we draw up an action plan taking into account the accompanying situation. After that, a calculation is made of the resource that we need to use in order to obtain the required result, as well as to preserve both your and our privacy.

A private detective (or a group of detectives) simply merges with the surrounding people and the general environment. Also, our detectives use photographic equipment that is most suitable for the current moment, from miniature hidden wearable cameras in "narrow" places, to photographic equipment with long-focus optics in open areas.

No one will know about your contact with the detective agency until you decide to use the obtained photographic evidence.

Thanks to the vast practical experience and great resource, our detectives are able to follow the object and go unnoticed for as long as you like in order to get the photographic or video evidence you need.

Most likely, you would never know that specially trained detectives are following you, taking photographs and videotaping you.

Hire a detective to collect photo evidence

If you have a burning question that you want an answer to, or you are sure that you are right, but you do not have actual evidence - hire a private detective to collect the necessary evidence.

In the first case, with the help of our photographic facts, you will find out what is really happening, in the second case - get indisputable photos or video evidence of your rightness.

Contact us today.
Our detectives are quite friendly, tactful and discreet.
We'll answer any questions you may have and tell you exactly how we can help you get the evidence you need.


Private detective Kyiv

Are you planning to hire a private detective in Kyiv?

Our detective agency offers a wide range of discrete and comprehensive detective services, which are carried out in complete confidentiality.

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