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Detective's assistance in gathering necessary information

collection of information about a person

Gathering information is an important and main area of work for private detectives.

In general, comprehensive collection and retrieval of information is a complex process that requires, in addition to experience and analytical skills, access to the necessary sources and resources.

Our detective agency uses both classical methods of obtaining various kinds of data, as well as its own tactical methods for disclosing the information necessary for the client.

We understand how important it is for you to maintain your privacy and approach any task with due diligence and caution.

Regardless of the ways we use to obtain the information you need, we guarantee your privacy.

We are always ready to offer you an individual approach to resolving your issue in cases where the facts you need cannot be obtained from official sources.

Collecting information with the help of our private detectives is an effective way to obtain the necessary and reliable data in a short time.

Don't leave your important questions unanswered!

Ways to get the necessary facts

The ways we most often use to obtain facts and evidence include such methods as:

Covert Surveillance

One of the most common methods for disclosing and identifying the required information. Private detectives observe the target in person using tracking and covert surveillance techniques

Surveillance is the best method of collecting evidence and facts about a person that are not in any sources.
For example,

  • does a person have informal income;
  • having a romantic partner on the side;
  • informal place of residence;
  • property registered to another person;
  • circle of communication and contacts with third persons;
  • current location, other things.

Research of Internet activity

Internet research can provide valuable facts for private detectives when solving various kinds of tasks and collecting information about a person.

In addition to analyzing Internet activity, our detectives will find:

Official sources of information

Getting data from official sources on your own is very difficult (you need good reasons to apply to government agencies), and in some cases it is almost impossible

Hiring a private detective to solve this problem will allow you to get the information you need quickly and in full. For example, these are facts about a person such as:

  • officially registered property;
  • marital status
  • the presence of conflicts with law enforcement agencies;
  • registration address;
  • official place of work and employment history;
  • key biographical events from life;
  • information about close and distant relatives;
  • other things.

In addition to the points described, we also use other tools to find the required information, as well as personal confidential sources.

Why collect information about a person?

This agency service can be useful in various life situations

Collecting information, for example, will be useful when hiring an employee in a company for a responsible position.
Detectives will check the biographical data, the circle of contacts of the future candidate, contacts with competitors, and other things.

A comprehensive collection of information will be useful to people who are looking for a romantic partner through marriage agencies or dating sites. The agency will help you collect and find information about the person with whom you decide to connect your life.
It will not be superfluous to check the information you know, since it is not known for certain who you really communicate with, as well as how true the personal data provided on the dating site is.

The collection of information can be useful in real estate transactions and in the division of property.
Detectives will find out who is the true owner of the property or, on the contrary, find out what property officially belongs to the subject; they will find out whether the property is pledged or under arrest, whether the rights of third parties have been violated during the sale and purchase, etc.

There are times when the perpetrator of the accident is hiding from the scene of the accident.
Detectives will help you find the owner by the number of the car, which could remain on your DVR (or on the DVR of another road user).

Sometimes it becomes necessary to find a person by phone number, or vice versa, find the phone number of an old friend or distant relative.

If you are interested in versatile, complex or discrete search and collection of information about a person, do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to help you in almost any situation and our free consultation does not oblige you to anything.

Don't be ignorant!

If you have suspicions or questions related to your family, business or other areas, please contact us for help. We will make every effort to ensure that you take the right steps to resolve the situation.


Private detective Kyiv

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