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private detective Kyiv

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Each private detective of our team has at least fifteen years of practical experience, which he received during his training and service in special state bodies of Ukraine

Kyiv detective agency "FILIN" provides a comprehensive list of detective services throughout Ukraine.

As a rule, these are such services and investigations that are related to the search for information, people or property; organization of covert surveillance; collection of photo-video evidence; information and analytical activities; verification of various kinds of data; organization of counter-surveillance.

Detective Agency "FILIN" offers not only excellent service and affordable prices, but also detectives of the highest level, having extensive knowledge, resources, and many years of practical experience.

Use our highly efficient and economical service!

Fundamentals of Success

You may have many questions. Especially if you have never hired a private detectives before. We always devote time to you and answer all your questions in detail.

We understand that this may be a new experience for some people, and many clients may feel nervous talking to a private detective.

Please be assured, we are very ethical, discreet and friendly.

Discretion and complete confidentiality are at the heart of both communication with customers and their service.

In addition to the ethics and professionalism of our detectives, the success of our clients and their positive experience of contact with us are important to us. We strive for long-term cooperation and the successful solution of your problem is one of such steps.

The growth of our reputation is due to the ability to achieve successful results for clients under any circumstances.

We do not abandon clients after the completion of work and receipt of payment

After we have fulfilled our obligations, you can count on additional service on the completed case. Agency detectives will answer your questions for free, or provide additional facts, if necessary.

Fixed Rate Guarantee

In the course of a detailed consultation, a private detective will necessarily negotiate with you a fixed price that covers all services. Thus, you will know the amount of expenses in advance and you will not encounter unpleasant surprises.

We are completely transparent about our customers' payments.

The detective will tell you in detail about what specific steps will be taken, as well as how much each of them costs.

We have no hidden or additional fees

Understanding your problem, plus suggesting ways to successfully solve it (including in a cost-effective way), is one of our main goals.

Confidentiality and discretion

This is one of the basic principles of all our activities.

Confidentiality and discretion are manifested both in the personal approach of detectives to the tactics of completing tasks, and in terms of technical equipment.

The professionalism of our surveillance team is able to guarantee your privacy for an arbitrarily long time, and private detectives have sufficient experience in solving the most delicate cases.

We understand how important it is to trust those you work with.
To ensure privacy and ease of communication, we provide each client with a personal detective who will be constantly in touch with you.

The agency regularly receives questions on this topic from potential clients, and therefore we are well aware that this is often one of the main problems.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss or learn more about maintaining your privacy.

We will be very happy to communicate with you and dispel any concerns.

Personal 24-hour service

In this industry, a generalized approach to problem solving is rarely appropriate. All people are different, as are their ultimate goals and surrounding circumstances.
Therefore, all the services that we offer are individual and designed by us, taking into account the needs of clients.

This is the only way to achieve successful results. The adaptability of customer service is essential in this field of activity.

Detective Agency "FILIN" provides individual service after hours for each client.

To discuss any questions about working with us or just to get practical advice on the best way to solve the current situation, please contact us.

Take the first step in finding the answers you need today!


Private detective Kyiv

Are you planning to hire a private detective in Kyiv?

Our detective agency offers a wide range of discrete and comprehensive detective services, which are carried out in complete confidentiality.

Just contact us, we are very discreet and friendly.

Our free consultation does not obligate you to anything.

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