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Over the years of practice, our team has gained a lot of experience both in finding people and in developing effective ways to achieve a quick and successful result.

The agency's private detectives use different methods to find a person depending on the circumstances and the amount of known data.
These methods have proven effective in finding people, even with a minimal amount of identifying information.

For many years of practice, we have found people's addresses and contact information based on partial facts, such as phone number, incomplete name and approximate date of birth, approximate place of residence, Internet accounts.

We offer you professional and responsive services that will help you find a person and solve your problem in a short time.

Take the first step in finding a missing person today!

How long does it take to find a person?

You won't have to wait long to get the information you need.

In most cases, searching for a person in Ukraine or their contact details takes 1 to 3 business days.

The time it takes to find a person or their contact details depends on the type of information that the client has.

For example, if you know the full name of a person, as well as the exact date and place of birth, then such a person is identified relatively simply and there will either be no matches with other people at all, or there will be only a couple of matches. If you only know the name and the approximate year of birth, then it is quite obvious that when searching for these criteria, there will be much more matches.

The more likely we are to accurately identify a relative or old acquaintance based on the facts you have, the faster you will get the desired result.

If, based on the facts you have, it is impossible to find a person, a private detective will tell you about it during a free consultation.

Contact us to discuss the nature of the case and how we can help.

Hire a private detective to find someone

Whether you're looking for a debtor, an old friend, a former romantic partner, or trying to reconnect with your relatives, our detective agency can help you.

successful search

90% of successfully solved cases

fixed rates

Affordable and fixed rates

search time

Average search time less than 48 hours


Confidential and discreet

Search specialists work quickly and efficiently, as they have the necessary skills, capabilities and experience in carrying out search activities.

During the preliminary consultation, we make an initial analysis of the facts available to the client, since in practice various things take place.
Thus, we charge for our services if we have full confidence in the successful achievement of the final goal.

Hiring our private detective to search for a person in Ukraine is a high-quality result in a short period of time.

Hire us for a quick search for relatives in Ukraine!

Independent search for a person and the possibility of a detective

find a person

You can try to find a person using search engines and various social networks, since some individuals leave personal data in their profiles or on their pages.

However, in most cases, in order to find someone on social networks or messengers, you need to register in them (for example, it is impossible to search for users in the Skype messenger using search engines).

Given their number, this is quite difficult.

It should also be borne in mind that the relative or old acquaintance you are looking for may register under a different name or use a nickname; use any image instead of a personal photo; indicate an incorrect date of birth and place of residence in the profile; get married and change your last name, etc. It will be impossible to find a person in standard ways in such cases.

Another way is to use the services of sites that host various databases. In this case, the probability of finding a person is also small. These are old offline databases that are more than a dozen years old. During this time, a person could change their place of residence, city phone number (there are no databases with mobile phones on the Internet), change their last name, etc.

Our search specialists have access to information and tools that are not publicly available and are not available on the Internet.

As one of the options: Our experts have the ability to determine the close circle of relatives of the person you are looking for, and then search for their accounts on social networks and, by analyzing their contacts, find the profile they are looking for.

If the initial facts for the search are incomplete or not quite correct, we can get a list of all persons that satisfy the specified parameters. Then, by the method of analysis and filtering to determine the necessary personality.

Use our capabilities and experience to restore lost contact!

One final thought on self-searching

An independent search using social networks allows you to get a positive result, provided that the wanted person has indicated his real name and surname (personal photo, date of birth) and you have a lot of free time to dig into the Internet.

If you need to find a person quickly, or an independent search does not give positive results, it is better to contact a detective agency.

Our detectives have the necessary skills and experience in solving such problems and conducting search and analytical activities.

Of course, unlike the Internet, the services of a detective agency are paid, but in a number of life situations these costs are fully justified.

Contact our search experts for a comprehensive free consultation.


Private detective Kyiv

Are you planning to hire a private detective in Kyiv?

Our detective agency offers a wide range of discrete and comprehensive detective services, which are carried out in complete confidentiality.

Just contact us, we are very discreet and friendly.

Our free consultation does not obligate you to anything.

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