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Assistance in clarifying the facts of property ownership

revealing a person's property

Detective agency "FILIN" will provide assistance in cases where you need to find out what officially registered movable and immovable property a person has.

On the other hand, we will find out who is the true owner of movable and immovable property and who owns the right to own and dispose of it.

Our private detectives have the experience and tools that allow you to effectively and quickly solve both such tasks and tasks related to the search for hidden property registered to another person.

Knowing the facts will protect you from being scammed in this area

Time frames and information we provide

As a rule, the collection and provision of this kind of information takes up to 2 business days.

If you are interested in what property belongs to a person, you will receive information about ownership of:

If necessary, our specialists will provide the history of purchase and sale of the object you are interested in.

If you need to know who owns a particular property and who has the right to dispose of it, you will receive the full name of the owner or owners if the property is in joint ownership.
It is possible to provide mobile numbers of owners for contact with them.

If the owner is a legal entity, we will provide information about such an enterprise.

Reasons for finding a property owner

Solution of inheritance issues

One of the most frequent uses of this service is the search by detectives of owners of real estate and other property in connection with inheritance. It often happens that after the death of a loved one, his inheritance is distributed among the heirs, but due to the fact that information about the owners of the property was not saved or lost, some parts of the inheritance remain unknown.

In such a situation, the services of a private detective can become a necessary tool for finding out the real owners and resolving legal issues related to the inheritance.

Buying or renting real estate

Property owner locator services will be helpful when buying or renting property in a variety of business situations.
For example, you need to make sure that you communicate with the sole owner and no one else has the right to dispose of this property. Or, if you're renting a space, you need to be sure you're dealing directly with the owner to avoid subletting

Debt collection

Another case where detectives may need to search a person's registered property is when you are a creditor and want to collect a debt. Agency detectives will find property officially owned by the debtor.

On the other hand, an analysis of a person's officially registered property can speak of his financial viability and become the basis for making the right decision in the field of lending.

Drawing up a marriage contract

When drawing up a prenuptial agreement, it will not be superfluous to make sure that your romantic partner really owns the property declared by him or, conversely, your partner does not hide the facts of owning any property.

In conclusion, using the services of private detectives can be an effective way to avoid scams. The services of our private detectives are available to everyone and will help both solve the property issue and avoid falling into fraudulent schemes in the field of buying and selling real estate.


Private detective Kyiv

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