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Finding vehicle owner data

search for the owner of the car by license plate

In everyday life, whether you're a pedestrian or a driver, there may be a situation where it is necessary to find the owner of a car by its license plate number.

For example, you became a participant in a traffic accident, but the culprit, instead of stopping, fled the scene of an accident, or a careless driver scratched your parked car and quietly left without taking responsibility.

In such cases, the question arises - how to find the owner by the license plate of the car. After all, even if you did not manage to remember the registration number of the culprit of the accident, other road users, both drivers and pedestrians, could do this.
In addition, you can see the intruder on your DVR recording, or use the DVR recording of a witness to the incident.

Time frame and type of data we provide

On average, searching for up-to-date data on the owner of a car by registration number takes from 2 to 4 hours.

If the owner is an individual, our agency can provide the following facts:

If the owner of the vehicle is a legal entity, you will receive:

Our private experts work fairly quickly and will provide you with additional factual materials, or a person's mobile phone number, if necessary.

Ways to find the owner by the license plate of the car

Contact the traffic police

Actually, when contacting the State traffic inspectorate, you need to write a statement in which you will need to indicate the reason why you want to know the details of the car owner.Plus, write down all the facts you know about the wanted vehicle owner.

The very reason for which you applied must contain objective and serious grounds.

Hire a private detective

You can hire a detective to solve the problem.
As practice shows, this method of obtaining the necessary answers to questions is quite prompt and effective. The services of private detectives are of course paid, but if it's worth it, you can go for additional costs.

Try to find the owner by the license plate of the car using the Internet

Search engines, based on the subject of the request, issue dozens of sites that offer to identify the owner by car number. Given the nature of such information, it is possible that the network has some kind of old database from a decade ago, but not a fresh database that is updated online.

So in the best case, you can either find some old information, or simply get a negative result of your requests. At worst, there is a possibility of losing your financial resources, since some of the resources offer to pay for their services, naturally without guarantees, or you can, by downloading any traffic police database, actually download a good portion of viruses.

Hire a private detective to solve this problem

This is a fast and efficient way to obtain reliable information about the real owner of the car, which does not require the disclosure of your personal data.


Private detective Kyiv

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