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Private detectives of the agency, while performing the tasks, are faced with the solution of various "piquant" problems.

Our detective agency guarantees its clients full confidentiality of any requests to the agency.

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Verification of personal information

Verification of information For today, an acquaintance with the help of the Internet has become quite normal. Moreover, users are looking not only for interlocutors, but also for people with whom they want to connect their future lives. Many people prefer online dating, rather than dating in real life. Ukraine, in this case, is no exception.

Search engines find dozens of dating sites, with online dating profiles of various people. As a general rule, such a profile contains photos and some information that the user has posted about him- or herself.

It is possible that your interests will coincide and you will "see" your second half in this person.

On the other hand, we do not see a real interlocutor and have only the information that is on the site.
But, how true is the information that the user posted about himself? Does he not conceal anything from the other side of the screen?
How to check in advance the groom or the bride, for the purpose of the veracity of the information given?

A good option may be to seek help from a detective agency since the researching on your own is very difficult and ineffective.

Private detectives of the Ukrainian detective agency "Filin" will be able to verify information about the bride or groom they provided about themselves.

In particular, the agency's detectives can establish such information as:

  • - biographical details of the bride or groom;
  • - the existence of bad habits;
  • - presence of children at the future partner;
  • - the existence of movable and immovable property;
  • - the imposition of a criminal record;
  • - how the bride or groom spends their free time;
  • - the social circle of a potential partner;
  • - other information.

Private detectives work quickly and efficiently. Yes, it costs a certain amount, however, in some cases, it is a very justified expense.

Apart from people who are looking for their own halves, also scammers are registered on dating sites.

For example, scammers can post their profiles to:

  • - swindle with your material means;
  • - to find a lover or mistress, although they are already married;
  • - to place untrue information about yourself, for manipulating users;
  • - to have a good time, declaring serious intentions.

Thanks to the verification of personal information, you will be able to determine how reliable the data that are indicated by a person on the dating site.

infoIf you need to check the groom or the bride, please contact private detectives of the Ukrainian detective agency "Filin". Our detectives will make every effort to positively and effectively solve the set tasks.

Detectives of the agency will also help to find out detailed information which is not on the site - the financial situation of a person, his state of health, whether the person in marriage consists, the presence of bad habits, other interesting information.


The Ukrainian detective agency "Filin" guarantees absolute confidentiality of your cooperation with our agency.