Kiev detective agency

Useful information

Private detectives of detective agency "Filin" do not penetrate into hotel rooms, cottages, country-house, apartments, saunas and do not take pictures of bed scenes.

The agency is not engaged in supervision over workers of law enforcement bodies, state employees.

Agency detectives are not engaged in installation of hidden cameras of supervision.

Surveillance – Description

external surveillanceExternal surveillance is the main specialization of the Ukrainian detective agency "Filin". Within the framework of this event, the agency's detectives use various forms of observation of the object in public places.

Supervision is possible as behind moving object (the person, the car), and for motionless (street door, garage, a building etc.).

Private detectives, detective agency "FILIN", in the work use only the latent forms of external surveillance. In that case, the object does not know about supervision, and behaves absolutely naturally. On the other hand, this way of supervision guarantees complete confidentiality both for the client and for the observation itself.

Private detectives of the agency, make photo-video recording of all the key moments of observation.

Detectives register such moments as:

  • - contacts of the object of supervision with third parties;
  • - the character of contacts with third parties;
  • - places in which there was the object of supervision;
  • - people who visited the certain address;
  • - movement of the object of supervision, its purchases, cash withdrawals at the ATM;
  • - other moments of surveillance which matter, for the client.

With the help of external surveillance you can get the following information:

  • - to get to know what the other half does on a business trip;
  • - circle of communication of a teenager;
  • - what the husband or wife does during the day or after work;
  • - you need to know more about the future of the bride or groom;
  • - you need to know contacts of the business partner;
  • - the object’s location;
  • - the true nature of contacts;
  • - presence of the fact of surveillance of the object;
  • - you need to have data about the person with whom you are going to do business;
  • - you need to establish a real place of work or residence of the object;
  • - to obtain a photo of a person you are interested in;
  • - you need to know what places an object has visited.

The list is not exhaustive, in it the main moments are listed.

After having performed the required tasks, the detective agency presents a report that contains photo- or video-data of all surveillance key moments.

At external supervision it is fixed as movement on foot, and on a car, a taxi, public transport. External surveillance, as a type of detective agency service, is convenient to use when there is a need related to the control of a person's behavior.

For example, if you are interested in the behavior of a person on a business trip, on vacation, at the party, at the restaurant.

Competently using supervision, the agency can conduct counter-surveillance. In other words, to find out the facts of illegal supervision over you.

The external surveillance – types & methods

supervision motionlessExternal supervision of the motionless object - with this method of supervision, surveillance is fulfilled, for example, over: an entrance of a residential building, a checkpoint, a gates, a parking, a storage room, a hole in the fence, etc.

During the observation, a photo-video recording of all who enters or leaves a certain area of supervision is performed.
It can be used to prevent a theft, to take under the supervision of the certain person, to establish periodicity of visiting by the person of a certain place, and also for other tasks.

supervision pedestrianExternal supervision of the pedestrian object – a type of surveillance due to which all the movements of surveillance object permanently are in a visual contact zone.

During the surveillance, a photo-video recording of all movements of the object is occur.

Detectives records contacts with third parties, the nature of human behavior, the number of cars used, routes of travel, visits to various places (shops, restaurants, salons, hotels), etc.
It can be used to define a place of residence, place of work, daily routine, circle of communication, etc.

supervision movingExternal supervision of the moving object - a type of surveillance, through which the movement of the car, cargo, public transport, etc. is fixed.

During the observation, the scheme of the object's movement is drawn up, places of visits are noted, modes of movement, as well as photo-video recording of all events that matter.


External surveillance can be both hidden and opened.

Agency detectives use only hidden types of surveillance in their work. This approach guarantees a maximum effective result of the external surveillance usage.

infoThe agency private detectives have all the necessary professional skills and experience to achieve a qualitative result and maintain the confidentiality of the client’s contact with the detective agency.

On the basis of the obtained information, you can take a proper decision or draw necessary conclusions.


The Ukrainian detective agency "Filin" guarantees absolute confidentiality of your cooperation with our agency.