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Our detective agency offers a wide range of professional and discrete detective services to both private and commercial clients.

If none of our services meets your requirements, talk to a private detective. It is entirely possible that we can help in resolving your issue.

Our team does not "stand still" and the list of services of a detective agency is constantly growing.

You can always contact us for a free consultation, without any obligation.

We guarantee complete privacy of your contact with the detective.

Our detectives are ready to help in solving almost any problem.

We know that contact with a private detective or a detective agency can be a frightening or unnerving process.
However, we want to assure you that every person you contact (or who takes part in resolving your issue) will always be friendly, responsive and professional..

In addition, every private detective who works for us is a restrained person with many years of experience.

We can guarantee that regardless of whether you hire us or just contact the agency for a free consultation,
you will receive the best quality service that we can offer at an affordable price.

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The Kiev detective agency "FILIN" works around the clock.
You can contact the detectives using instant messengers from 08-00 to 22-00. Mailbox - around the clock.

If you have a question about any of our services, please contact.

Detective agency services:


cheating services
  • confirmation or refutation of the facts of adultery;
  • providing a report with photo and video evidence;
  • guarantee of 100% confidentiality, individual approach.

Search for a person

search services
  • search for a person by incomplete or partial data
  • search for various additional information about the person;
  • positive result in a short time.

Checking person information

service person
  • checking the information that is listed on the dating site;
  • collecting information that is not on the dating site;
  • psychological analysis of correspondence with the interlocutor.


detective surveillance services
  • route of movement of the person, nature of contacts, current location;
  • real-time information transfer to the client;
  • photo-video report, 100% confidential.

Collection of information

services info
  • collection of various types of information about the person;
  • collection of property information, sales history;
  • short terms, positive result.

Photo shooting

photography services
  • obtaining photographic evidence;
  • photographic binding to a particular place or person;
  • at any time of the day, in any public places.
telephone services
  • search for data on the owner of the phone number;
  • search for a photo of the owner of the phone number;
  • search for other phone numbers of the person.
car services
  • collection of data on the car owner;
  • clarification of the history of the vehicle;
  • search for registration address, phone number of the owner of the car.
teen service
  • identification of the teenager’s social circle, nature of contacts;
  • the presence of bad habits, a guy or a girl;
  • visit of educational institution.
property service
  • clarification of the history of the property;
  • search for movable or immovable property of a person;
  • search for the owner or owners of the property.
service staff
  • verification of information that the person indicated about himself;
  • search for additional information about the candidate;
  • checking employee contacts.
counter surveillance
  • identification of the facts of surveillance;
  • provision of photographic evidence;
  • developing your own strategy.


The list of services of a detective agency is not exhaustive. If you did not find the necessary service of private detectives, please contact.
It is likely that we can help in resolving your issue.


Detective agency services - legal aspect

detective agency services

To date, detective services of detective agencies, as well as detective activities in Ukraine, are not regulated at the legislative level. The Law of Ukraine "On Detective Activities", which should regulate relations in such services as private detective services, Kiev has not yet adopted.

In this regard, all the services of the detective agency that our detectives provide are in the legal field, which is regulated by the norms of constitutional, criminal, civil and administrative law, the laws "On Advocacy", "On News Agencies", "On Information" and other regulatory legal acts of Ukraine.

In connection with the above, the detective agency does not provide services that violate the current legislation of Ukraine.

These are services such as:

  • - details of mobile phone calls (printout of calls);
  • - hacking email, social networks, instant messengers;
  • - location of a mobile phone;
  • - penetration into private property;
  • - wiretapping of a mobile phone.