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In carrying out various actions, detectives of the detective agency "Filin" compulsorily carry out photo video filming of all key events which occur during supervision.

The photos of the key moments, are the documentary confirmation of the events, which happened during the surveillance.

Recording is carried out in all public places.

Services of detective agency Kiev:

services of private detective 1Adultery

This type of private detective service is aimed at detection or confirming the facts of adultery, as well as photo-video recording of evidence that confirms or refutes the existence of the facts of adultery.

services of private detective 3External surveillance

The main essence of this service of detective agency, consists in surveillance over the contacts and character of behavior of a person which can be on a business trip, on vacation, at the party, at the restaurant.

Search for a personSearch for a person

Private detectives of the agency will help to find a person whose contacts, for some reason, were lost (relatives, classmates, fellow workers, childhood friends, acquaintances, etc.).

Verification of informationVerification of information

Private detectives of the agency will conduct a comprehensive verification of the personal information of a person who left data about themselves, for example, on a dating site, in a marriage agency, or in other cases.

Collecting of informationCollecting of information

The detective agency will help you in collecting the information you need, the independent search of which is ineffective. This service of a detective agency can be useful in various life situations.

services of detective agency shootingPhoto-video shooting

This service is aimed at photo-video documentation of various events that matter to the client. Photos serve as documentary evidence of the information received by the client.

services of private detective 2

Observation of a teenager. With the help of this service of private detectives, you can find out what a teenager does in his spare time. For example, his circle of friends, interests, visits to an educational institution, the existence of a boyfriend or girlfriend, the presence of bad habits (alcohol, tobacco, drugs) etc.

services of private detective 4

Counter-surveillance. In this case experience and professionalism of the private detectives is used for identification of the illegal facts of supervision over the person and his environment;

services of private detective 5

Check of the staff. Surveillance over housemaids, governesses, nurses, office workers, etc. Checking job candidates. The private detective will check the provided data, and also will define existence of addictions;

services of detective agencySurveillance over the pedestrian object

In this case, private detectives register contacts with third parties, the nature of human behavior, the number of cars used, travel routes, visits to various places (shops, restaurants, lounges, hotels), etc.

services of detective agency 7Surveillance over moving object

With the help of this service of a detective agency, the movement of a car, cargo, public transport, etc. is recorded. The detectives perform a photo-video recording of all events that are of key importance.

Search of the owner

Search of the owner in car number. Detective Agency can assist in the search for the owner of the car, in order to compensate the material damage caused to the client if it is not contrary to the legitimate interest of the public.


services of detective agencyPrivate detectives of the agency "Filin" provides detective services in the city of Kiev and the Kiev region. If necessary, it is possible to fulfill assigned tasks in any region of Ukraine.

Services of detective agency of Kiev. Legal aspect

services private detectives KievAll services of detective agency of Kiev are in a legal framework which is regulated by norms of the constitutional, criminal, civil and administrative law, the laws "About Advocacy", "About Information Agencies", "About Information" and also other normative legal acts of Ukraine.

Due to the above, a big request not to address to the detective agency concerning rendering of services that violate the current legislation of Ukraine, namely:

  • - details of phone calls;
  • - wiretapping of mobile phone;
  • - text of telephone messages;
  • - installation of the hidden cameras of supervision;
  • - breaking of mail, Skype, etc.;
  • - supervision over employees of law enforcement agencies, civil servants.

услугиThe detective agency also does not search for missing animals, mobile phones, does not practice provocation of adultery and does not penetrate into objects of private property.


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