Photo-video shooting of the object

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Photo-video shooting - description

photo-video shootingPhoto-video shooting of key events is a precondition for the work of our private detectives.
These materials are provided together with a report on the work done and serve as documentary evidence of the provided information.

Actually, a photo-video in itself is an undeniable proof of the events that took place, since the photograph is the best way of identifying an object.

On the other hand, the customer can personally see the movement of an object, the nature of the behavior with third parties, visited places, binding to the locality or a particular place, and so on.

The total cost of the complex of rendered services related to external supervision includes photo-video shooting (not to pay additionally).

Photo-video shooting is necessary when it is a must to document or disprove the fact that interests the client, and also in cases when it is necessary to establish the truth.

For example:

  • - confirm or deny the fact of adultery;
  • - control the behavior of a teenager outside the home;
  • - establish the social circle of the person you are interested in;
  • - record a visit to a person of interest of a certain place;
  • - record the current residence;
  • - establish a place of work;
  • - monitor the attitude of the nanny to your child outside the home;
  • - establish contacts of the person of interest;
  • - nature of the behavior at communication with third parties;
  • - confirm the location of the person of interest;
  • - record the fact of import or export of goods;

The list is not exhaustive, in it the main moments are listed.

Where can be the photo-video taken?

Photo-video shooting is carried out in any public places - in open areas, in any shops, cafes, restaurants, public transport, public premises, a trading or entertaining centres etc.

The professional experience of private detectives is a guarantee that the monitored object will never know about it.

It is possible to take a photo-video of stationary objects (observation of a stationary object), for a photo-video recording of incoming and outgoing persons, or for the importation and export of goods (entrance, storage, passage, house).

It should be noted that our detectives do not deal with photo-video related to penetration into premises that are private property - apartments, hotel rooms, saunas, etc.

The penetration into private property violates human rights and is prosecuted by law.

Photo-video shooting - quality

surveillance photoDuring the external surveillance, detectives use the professional photo and video equipment, which allows providing the customer with high-quality photo and video material.
The photo-video information received by us is usually provided on digital media or can be sent by e-mail.

However, it should be noted that, for example, there will be a significant difference between a photo-video taken for example at eleven o'clock in the afternoon and a photo-video recording made at eleven o'clock in the evening.
The difference will also be between the picture taken in the market and the picture taken in the cafe.

For each specific place, our detectives use different photo and video equipment.
In "narrow" places, a portable photo technique is used, the resolution of which is less than that of the main one.

From the practical experience associated with the use of photo-video, y we can add that there is not always a need for quality portrait photography.
For example, night time, rain, rooms with poor lighting, etc.

Often clear identification pictures are enough, by which you can identify the object and "tie" it to a specific place.

However, if the task is to obtain a clear portrait photo, our detectives will be able to solve it.


All resorts to the detective agency, as well as the results of its work, are absolutely confidential.