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Private detectives of the agency in the performance of assigned tasks, face the solution of various "piquant" issues.

Our detective agency guarantees its clients full confidentiality of any requests to the agency.

We provide only verified, reliable information.

Collection of information by the agency

collection of informationDetective agency "Filin" can help in collecting the information you need. Collecting information with the help of the agency is an effective way to get the information you need, in those cases when an independent search does not bring the desired result.

This agency service can be useful in various life situations.

The collection of information, for example, will be useful when a company hired the employee in a responsible position.
Detectives will help check the biographical data, the circle of communication, other, necessary information.

The service will also be useful to people who are looking for their second half, with the help of marriage agencies or dating sites. The agency will help in collecting information about the person with whom you decided to engage. Check the information, in this case, will not be superfluous since we do not know with whom we really communicate and how truthful the information provided by this person.

The collection of information can be useful in real estate transactions. For example, it is necessary to establish the owner of the property (or on the contrary, to find out what property a person has), to find out whether the property is in pawn, whether the rights of third parties are violated in the act of sale and purchase, etc.

Private detectives from the agency will help you in collecting such data as:

  • - marital status of a person;
  • - financial state of a person;
  • - biographical facts from life;
  • - the existence of bad habits;
  • - nature of contacts with third parties;
  • - what a person does in his spare time;
  • - the presence of previous convictions;
  • - presence of children at the future partner;
  • - Information about the place of work or study;
  • - you need to know contacts of the business partner;
  • - to obtain a photo of a person you are interested in;
  • - you need to know what places an object has visited;
  • - the existence of movable and immovable property;
  • - presence of conflicts with law enforcement authorities;
  • - whether the specified address of residence coincides with the actual place of residence;
  • - other information.

The list is not exhaustive, in it the main moments are listed.

It is very difficult to obtain such information independently, and in some cases, it is completely impossible. In the process of gathering information, private agency detectives use various ways of collecting the necessary information.

If you need the detective agency services, such as collecting information, please contact. We will help you to get to know additional facts about the person you are going to entrust finance, reputation, personal happiness or happiness of close people.


All resorts to the detective agency, as well as the results of its work, are absolutely confidential.