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From the practice of a detective agency

Very often, clients of the agency want to get the details of the phone calls (SMS) of the husband or wife (despite the fact that it is illegal and the agency does not deal with such services).

As practical experience shows, in most cases, communication with another person is done through various Internet messengers (ICQ Mobile, Facetime, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegramm, Skype, etc.), which are installed in the mobile phone.

Communication using ordinary sms or phone calls are already a day of yesterday.

In these cases, detailed information about phone calls is absolutely useless.

Better once to see, than to build conjectures.

Moreover, when one looks at the details of phone calls, one can not exactly conclude that adultery took place, where there was actually a person at a certain time and what he was doing there.

Adultery. About the service

adulteryAdultery of the wife or husband, a love affair on the side, infidelity, are the most common reasons why clients turn to private detectives.

"Accidentally" seen by SMS, delays of the second half at work, a change of a habitual daily routine, frequent business trips or just intuition that rarely fails can be the cause for the appeal to agency.

For confirmation or a denial of the facts of adultery (infidelity), private detectives of our agency use various forms of surveillance.

During the surveillance of the object, private detectives take photos (or record on video) of all key events:

  • - movements of the second half as on foot, and by car;
  • - contacts with third parties;
  • - nature of the behavior at communication with third parties;
  • - the daily routine of the second half on a business trip;
  • - behavior of the person at a party in cafe, restaurant;
  • - places of stay (shops, restaurants, salons, hotels, etc.);
  • - purchases, cash withdrawals at the ATM and etc.

Upon completion of the assigned tasks, the detective agency provides a report, with photos or video materials, about the actions of the person during the day.

When you are in contact with our detective agency, you can always count on:

  • - absolute confidentiality of performing any tasks, starting from the moment of contact with detectives;
  • - an individual approach and a full understanding of your situation by detectives;
  • - the accuracy and truthfulness of the information received regarding the presence or absence of the facts of adultery (infidelity);
  • - preliminary free consultation with a private detective.

The information received during the surveillance, will help you to make the right decision on issues regarding the existence or absence of the facts of adultery.

adultery detectivIn any situation private detectives of our agency will help to develop and offer the most effective and less expensive action plan directed to identification of the facts of adultery.

The detective agency has the necessary experience and possesses the technical means in order to professionally establish whether there are facts that confirm adultery.


The Ukrainian detective agency "Filin" guarantees absolute confidentiality of your cooperation with our agency.


Private detectives of the detective agency "Filin" don’t penetrate into the hotel rooms, cottages, apartments, saunas and are not engaged in shooting the sex scenes. Also, we do not provoking adultery (infidelity).