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Kiev detective agency



Detective Agency of Kiev "FILIN"

Detective Agency of Kiev "FILIN" was founded in 2009, by a team of reserve officers.

We offer professional detective services, while preserving the complete confidentiality of the client.
Upon completion of the activities related to covert surveillance, the client receives a report on the events.

Detectives of the agency actively cooperate with colleagues from Europe and America. We work with anonymous clients.

Our goal is the quality provision of professional services in the market, with a guarantee of full confidentiality, when solving any tasks.


Basic services of the detective agency


Surveillance of a person that is of interest to the client. Full monitoring of all movements, as well as the nature of the person’s contacts with third parties. Photo-video shooting of key monitoring moments. Real-time information providing to the client.

Collection of information

Search for various information about a person or property. It is possible to search for information on incomplete data. Gathering information with the help of a detective agency is a quick and effective way to get the necessary information, in cases when independent search does not bring results.


Confirmation or refutation of the facts of adultery. The development by private detectives of an effective plan of events, which is aimed at identifying facts of infidelity of the second half. Photo and video evidence of the presence or absence of such facts.

Search of the person
search person

Agency detectives will help you find a person whose contacts were lost for whatever reason. For example, relatives, production colleagues, school friends, classmates, childhood friends, just acquaintances. It is possible to search for a person by partial data.

Photo shooting
photo shooting

Photo or video materials, this is a very significant and indisputable proof of the events recorded during the surveillance. In other words, photo fixation is facts that cannot be argued with. Photography is performed by private detectives at any time of the day, in any public places.

Verification of information
verification of information

Private investigators will check in detail the data that the person indicated about herself on a dating site or in a marriage agency. The agency will also help to collect information that is not specified by the user on the site or in the dating service, and is of interest to the customer.

Counter surveillance
counter surveillance

Confirmation or refutation by employees of the agency of the facts of external observation (surveillance) of a person, movable or immovable objects. Providing the customer of photographic evidence of the presence or absence of such facts in reality.

Search of property
search of property

The agency will assist in the rapid search for the owner or owners, movable or immovable property. Or on the contrary, detectives will help to establish which movable or immovable property belongs to a specific person.

Why choose our agency


All activities carried out by our employees are strictly confidential. From the moment you consult with a private detective, only those who deal with it know about your problem. We work with anonymous clients.

We provide the report

When performing tasks related to the use of hidden surveillance, the agency provides a report on key monitoring events. The report contains photo-video materials that serve as proof of those events that occurred during monitoring.

Flexible prices

The detective agency of Kiev "Filin," adheres to the average price policy. The organization of the agency's work is possible taking into account your budget. There is a system of discounts - a large amount of work, for regular customers, in other cases. Refund of unused funds.


You communicate with detectives directly, without intermediaries. Agency detectives begin to perform tasks immediately, after clarifying all the details. We are ready to start tasks related to hidden surveillance within two hours.

Development of strategy

If necessary, private detectives of the agency will help to develop the most effective and less costly action plan for a positive and quick solution to the tasks set by the client.


All agency employees are reserve officers and have served in the internal affairs bodies of Ukraine. Our employees have many years of practical experience regarding the organization of external surveillance, operational-search and information-analytical work.

Individual approach

When contacting us, you can always count on an individual approach to resolving your question, as well as on the full understanding of your situation by private detectives.

Reliable information

In the process of analyzing the information received, the validity of the data obtained from various sources is checked. Thus, the agency gives clients only verified, reliable information.


Private detective Kiev

Every private detective of our team, has at least twelve years experience of practical operational, investigative, search and analytical work in special services of internal affairs agencies of Ukraine.

Ukrainian detective agency "FILIN" is geographically located in the city of Kiev. The area of provision of services of private detectives of Kiev - the whole territory of Ukraine and the near abroad.

Our detective agency provides a wide range of services in the market. As a rule, these are services related to the search for information, people or property, the organization of covert surveillance, the provision of photo-video evidence, information and analytical activities, the verification of various types of data, and the organization of counter-surveillance.

The agency actively cooperates with colleagues from other countries, which, in turn, helps to solve problems of various kinds.

If in the process of solving your question it became known that the task you set cannot be solved, we return the prepayment in full.

Private detectives work around the clock, seven days a week, without days off and holidays. You can get a free consultation regarding the cost of services using the email, instant messengers (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype and FaceTime), a feedback form.



We will be pleased to assist in resolving your issue.
We value every client.



Interaction principle

contact Kiev

Contact with detectives (e-mail, instant messengers, contact form)


Consultation on resolving the issue by detectives of the agency


Prepayment from 20% to 100%, depending on the type of service

task detective

Performing a set of work to solve the necessary tasks

agency report

Report on the work of the agency, information transfer


Payment of the second part of the cost of services

Detective Agency Reviews


My wife periodically goes to Kiev for seminars. I had some doubts, and I turned to the detective agency. As a result, I got the opportunity to receive information about my wife in real time with photos. A little expensive for me, but I did get answers to my questions.


I needed to find out the new job of the former spouse, plus his official income. I received answers within two days. Thanks to Vladimir, for the consultation on resolving my issue.


Thanks for the quick and professional work, you helped a lot in solving my piquant question. Thanks for the advice, put on the car a second GPS tracker. Good luck in your work.


I needed to find a person by phone number. Good work detectives. Positive result. I wrote a review about the detective agency, as promised. Good luck in your work.


I turned to the detective agency "Filin" about the confirmation of the fact of adultery. I was sure my husband had a mistress, but my husband kept saying I was paranoid and he didn 't have anyone. Detectives provided me photos. I was right. Thanks for the psychological support.


I correspond with a girl from Kiev and wanted to send her a birthday present. I had some useful information about her and needed an address for the parcel. I got the address of the girl in a few hours, thank you.

Petr Leonidovich

I contacted the agency about my son. Recently, the son has become very withdrawn and not sociable. For three days of surveillance, I found out the answers to my questions, the guys found the reason. Good luck to you all


My mother lost contact with her school friend. Mom’s school friend has been living in Ukraine for the past fifty years. As it turns out, her phone was stolen, and she couldn 't remember my mother 's phone number. Thanks to agency staff, friends are in touch again.


I asked the investigators for help looking for the owner of the car. The data on the owner of the car was found quickly. Separate thanks to Vladimir for the detailed consultation regarding the resolution of my question.


Thank you for providing information about the owner of the apartment. The information was received quickly and in full. It helped a lot to solve my situation.


The husband began to travel frequently on business trips and it seemed to me that he had someone. With each trip of the spouse this thought more and more did not give me peace. I decided, although not immediately, to contact a detective agency. Turns out, that the husband really has a lot of work, and there is no woman in another city. Thank you, I have become much calmer.


I needed to find the phone number of a girl from Kiev. We met on the Internet, we have been texting for several months. I am now in Kiev at work, and I wanted to make a surprise. Thank you for your help, everything worked out.


contact Kiev

The Kiev detective agency "FILIN" works around the clock.
You can contact the detectives using instant messengers from 08-00 to 22-00. Mailbox - around the clock.

If you have a question about any of our services, please contact.