Scheme of work with the agency

You can contact the agency using a mailbox, instant messengers such as - Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, QQ and FaceTime (please, only text messages), ask a question to the detective or through the contact form that is located on the contact page of the detective agency.


Private detectives of the agency, will inform you free of charge, about possible ways to solve your problem. Consultation is possible by e-mail or through messengers.


If the conditions proposed by the detective solve the problem and this suits you, we will send you the details to pay the services. The agency can work with anonymous clients.


After the detective clarifies the necessary details, and also explains how the task will be solved, you make an advance payment of at least 50% of the estimated amount of work1. Possible transfer with the help of Western Union, MoneyGram, RIA, ТYME, MoneyPolo, PrivatMoney, as well as, cash settlement.


Upon completion of work (during the supervision, you can receive information on-line), the agency provides a report on the provision of services2, and you pay the other 50% of the cost of services.


After the information is transmitted to the client (personally or electronically), the detective agency destroys all materials that were obtained during the process of external surveillance of the object. The agency does not keep copies of various cases, and we do not transfer the information to third parties.


1 If the detective agency already had a positive experience of cooperation with you, it is quite possible to provide services without an advance payment. The payment happens after the work done.

2 If the execution of the works has been associated with the use of surveillance.


All appeals to the detective agency, as well as the results of his work are absolutely confidential.


Detective agency of Ukraine "Filin", provides its services in Kiev and Kiev region. If necessary, it is possible to fulfill the assigned tasks, in any region of Ukraine.

The agency operates around the clock, seven days a week, without days off and holidays.

Get a free consultation on the phone, for services provided by detectives, the cost of agency services, etc., can be from 8-00 to 22-00.

You can also contact the agency via e-mail, contact form, and also using such instant messengers as: FaceTime, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype or Viber.

The agency's work is based on the principles of trust, correctness and openness, without which positive interaction with customers is not possible.