Detective agency of Ukraine "Filin"

The Detective Agency of Ukraine "Filin" consists of reserve officers who have served in the internal affairs authorities of Ukraine. Among the detectives of the agency, there are specialists in the field of external surveillance, operational work, analysts and psychologists.

All the staff of the detective agency has many years of practical experience. Using their experience and skills gained while working in law enforcement agencies, every detective is able to solve many problems independently.

By its practice, we face the solution of various, including "piquant" issues. Our detective agency guarantees complete confidentiality in the solution of any assigned tasks. The work of the Ukrainian detective agency based on the principles of honesty and openness, without which positive cooperation with clients is not possible.

Specialization of the Ukrainian detective agency "Filin"

The Ukrainian detective agency "Filin" specializes in solving various issues related to the use of external surveillance.

Despite the appearance on the market of various devices (computers, smartphones, GPS-trackers, etc.), external surveillance has always been and remains the most accurate and informative way to obtain information of interest.

With the competent organization of external surveillance, the observed object is unaware of the observation and behaves naturally, which in turn is the key to obtain truthful and reliable information.

For example, with the help of external surveillance, you can get such information:

  • - to confirm or deny the fact of adultery;
  • - to control the behavior of a teenager outside the home;
  • - to establish the circle of communication of the person;
  • - to record a visit to a person of interest of a certain place;
  • - to record the current residence;
  • - to establish a place of work;
  • - to monitor the attitude of the nanny to your child outside the home;
  • - to establish the nature of contacts of the person;
  • - to confirm the location of the person;
  • - to record the fact of the import or export of goods;

The list is not exhaustive, these are basic essentials.

Private detectives of the Ukrainian detective agency have an unremarkable appearance, are trained in the market or shop to be a buyer, at a cafe or restaurant by a visitor, at a stop by a passenger waiting for transportation, etc.
Thanks to the gained experience, they know all the methods and forms of external observation, as well as having good psychological training, excellent visual and auditory memory, the experience of operational driving, having artistic abilities and improvisation and being able to adapt to different situations.

The Ukrainian detective agency "Filin" guarantees confidential receiving of the necessary, authentic information that interests the client.

Detective Agency - event recording

While holding various activities by our detective agency, photo-video shooting of all key events which interest the customer is obligatory. The shooting takes place in any public places and at any time of the day.

In the process of outdoor surveillance, the agency's detectives use a professional photo and video equipment, which allows the customer to provide quality photo and video material.

The photo-video shooting occurs in any public place, such as: open area, cafe, restaurant, public transport, a market, a trading or entertaining centre etc.


Nowadays, photo-video shooting is the only, conclusive evidence of the events that have taken place, since the photograph is the best way to identify the object.

Detective Agency - the service costs

The service costs of the Ukrainian detective agency are average in the market of detective services.
The final service costs are always individual, for each specific situation.

After clarifying the details of your question, the detective will name the price of the agency's services.

You can always find out the cost of the services of a detective agency using e-mail, or using such messengers as - Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, QQ and FaceTime.

There is a system of discounts, for example, the order of a large amount of work, discounts for regular customers, in other cases at our discretion. It is possible to organize activities by the detective agency, taking into account the client's paying capacity, as well as hourly pay for the services of private detectives.
Work on credit is possible only for loyal customers.

Detective agency - territorial location

Detective agency "Filin" works round-the-clock in Kiev and Kiev region without days off and holidays. If necessary, it is possible to fulfill the assigned tasks in any region of Ukraine.

You can use e-mail or instant messengers such as Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype and FaceTime (text messages only).


All resorts to the detective agency, as well as the results of its work, are absolutely confidential.