The cost of services of the detective agency. Description.

The cost of services of detective agency depends on number of the involved detectives, cars, the accompanying expenses and a necessary temporary interval for the solution of an objective.

Completeness and reliability of information provided to detective agency and also assistance directly reduces terms of performance of objectives and so saves your money.

Each case of contacting the agency, is considered separately by detectives. Depending on the task, it is calculated which resource should be used. Proceeding from this, the cost of one hour of observation is determined.

A standard structure of our group of private detectives is two cars and four detectives. If necessary the structure can be increased.

Our agency offers an hourly surveillance (minimum time is 2 hours), 12-hour surveillance and round-the-clock surveillance. The cost of the agency's services includes the provision of a report and photo-video materials.

Detective agency of Kiev, FILIN, adheres to the average price policy in the market of detective services.

You can always find out the cost of the services of a detective agency using e-mail, or using such messengers as - Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, QQ and FaceTime.

Agency service payment options

You can pay for the services of a detective agency with the help of the following options:
The first variant of payment - cash payment, at personal meeting with an agency detective.
The second - with the help of such money transfer systems as: Western Union, MoneyGram, RIA, TYME, MoneyPolo, Privat24

Private detectives of the agency begins work on your case only on the terms of the prepayment, at least 50%. On completion of work you receive the report in the form of photo or video materials and you pay other sum of the designated fee. The prepayment is necessary for payment of expenses which are incurred by private detectives.

If the agency already had a positive experience working with you, it is possible to perform works without an advance payment. The payment happens after the work done.

The agency takes prepayment only if we are fully confident of the successful completion of the task.

The detective agency does not undertake to resolve issues whose objectives are not specifically clear, or the payment for the cost of the services of a private detective depends on the receipt of a specific result (work on result without payment of expenses).

You can find out about the approximate cost of the services of a detective agency using e-mail, messengers, or ask a detective a question. The final cost of the agency's services will be stipulated after clarification of all the details and nuances.

Is it possible to reduce the cost of the services of the detective agency?

Yes, it is. If the solution of the problem does not require external supervision within 12 hours, we can offer hourly pay for the services of private detectives. In this case the final price of services will be less. The shortest possible time is two hours.

At the order of great volume of works, the agency is ready to provide a discount for services which are associated with use of external surveillance.

Our private detectives possess sufficient experience and professionalism independently to develop the qualitative and less expensive scheme of the solution of any question as are interested in long-term cooperation with each client.


The prices of the detective services related to surveillance are not cheap, but if you are interested in high-quality result, you should not save on them.


The agency's detectives do not work for the result. We truthfully and authentically display the facts that were recorded during the surveillance.

However, the agency can not guarantee or promise to the client any particular result of the supervision. Detectives in no way affect the events. They documentary fix them and then transfer them to the client.

For example, you took a day of surveillance over second half, in certainty that he or she would meet with his lover. However, this did not happen.In this case, we still take the full cost, because this event does not depend on us.

In other words, you pay for a certain time of external surveillance, and the detectives of the agency work it out.