Adultery. About the service

Adultery of a spouse, an affair on the side infidelity is the most common reason for seeking customers of a detective agency.
"Incidentally" seen SMS, delays of the second half at work, a change of a habitual daily routine, frequent business trips or just intuition that rarely fails can be the cause for the appeal to agency.

To confirm or refuse the facts of adultery (infidelity) private detectives of detective agency "Filin", using various forms of external supervision.

During supervision over the spouse detectives make photo video fixing of all events:

  • - movement of a spouse, both on foot and by car;
  • - contacts with third parties;
  • - nature of the behavior at communication with third parties;
  • - schedule a spouse on a business trip, on vacation;
  • - behavior of a spouse at a party in a café, restaurant;
  • - stay places (shops, restaurants, lounges, hotels);
  • - purchase and etc.

In the end, the detective agency gives a report with photo and video materials about the actions of a spouse in a day.

When you contact our detective agency, you can always be sure about:

  • - absolute privacy since the phone call to the detective agency;
  • - an individual approach and a thorough understanding of your situation by detectives;
  • - the accuracy and truthfulness of the information received regarding the presence or absence of the fact of adultery (infidelity);
  • - preliminary free consultation with a private detective.

Information received during supervision, will help you to make the correct decision on a matter of concern, on existence or lack of the fact of the adultery.

In any situation private detectives of our agency will help to develop and offer the most effective and less expensive plan of measures directed on identification of the facts of the adultery (infidelity).

The detective agency has necessary experience and possesses technical means professionally to establish, whether the adultery takes place..


The Ukrainian detective agency "Filin" guarantees absolute confidentiality of your cooperation with our agency.


Private detectives of the detective agency "Filin" don’t penetrate into the hotel rooms, cottages, apartments, saunas and are not engaged in shooting the sex scenes. Also, we do not provoking adultery (infidelity).